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I stepped off him, unravelled the lead and dragged him to the Parcels Office.
Howbeit I had soon unravelled some fifty yards of good stout twine, and abundance of more yet to hand together with the heavier ropes such as shrouds and back-stays.
But the tangle is for ever unravelled by Time,-the parted threads are brought together again in the eternal weaving of Spirit and Matter.
Everything that bore the appearance of a knot to be unravelled had for him an immense attraction.
In the higher animals these changes are extremely complicated; but, within the last half century, the labours of such men as Von Baer, Rathke, Reichert, Bischof, and Remak, have almost completely unravelled them, so that the successive stages of development which are exhibited by a Dog, for example, are now as well known to the embryologist as are the steps of the metamorphosis of the silkworm moth to the school-boy.
Through a very minor accident the whole situation becomes clear: the mystery is unravelled; the reasons for various earlier actions become known to us.
Lord Blandamer had seen the Bellevue Lodge, had divined the genesis of the embossed inscription, had unravelled all Anastasia's thoughts in using it, yet let the letter lie till he had finished lunch.
I had early learned from Bolingbroke a love for the converse of men, eminent, whether for wisdom or for wit: the graceful _badinage,_ or the keen critique; the sparkling flight of the winged words which circled and rebounded from lip to lip, or the deep speculation upon the mysterious and unravelled wonders of man, of Nature, and the world; the light maxim upon manners, or the sage inquiry into the mines of learning, all and each had possessed a link to bind my temper and my tastes to the graces and fascination of social life.
After a short trial of a few months, Mr. Chillingworth was again tormented by religious scruples: he returned home, resumed his studies, unravelled his mistakes, and delivered his mind from the yoke of authority and superstition.
She would not offend Philip; she would not abandon the provinces; she would therefore negotiate-thus there was an infinite deal of diplomatic nothing spun and unravelled, but the result was both to abandon the provinces and to offend Philip.
When I did eventually return to my little island, I unravelled a piece of rope, and then tried to produce fire by rubbing two pieces of wood smartly together amidst the inflammable material.
Mrs. Floyer has, as it were, unpicked and unravelled every stitch in plain work, till she has discovered and laid bare its intention, its construction, and effect.
I long to see this comedy unravelled.
For some time there was a confused whispering among the men; they considered the dog's reappearance on this occasion even more wonderful than on the former, for the men declared positively that he never came off in the boat, which, had he done, would have unravelled the whole mystery; and that a dog thrown overboard, and swept away by the tide, should be discovered shortly after perfectly dry and comfortable, not only on board of the cutter, which he could not have got on board of, but also in his master's cabin, which he could not get into without being seen, proved at once that the animal was supernatural.
His disappearance was a mystery not to be unravelled.
And then by degrees the affairs of Elizabeth and Atkinson were unerringly unravelled.
From the unravelled hopes of Giacomo _145 I must work out my own dear purposes.
I have prayed To God, and I have talked with my own heart, And have unravelled my entangled will, _220 And have at length determined what is right.
Through the uneasy sleep into which he ultimately fell, she, and the yellow rose, and the Rose of Sharon-a giant flower, with monstrous crimson petals-passed and repassed, in one of those glorious tangles, which no dreamer has ever unravelled.
The more Chilcote tangled the threads of his life, the stronger must be the fingers that unravelled them.

Examples of Unravelled

Example #1
Chum was making himself very small and black in the shadow of the counter.
Example #2
I'll just go round once more.
Example #3
Taking this line I came to that rocky cleft where I had killed the goat, and clambering up the bush-grown cliff found it to be honey-combed with caves large and small and with abundant evidences of the animals I sought.
Example #4
Returning to the mast I saw to my joy that this cordage was all new and sound, though woefully tangled.
Example #5
No power, human or divine, can entirely separate the lives which God has ordained shall come together.
Example #6
Often they are entangled and disturbed by influences not their own-but from interference which through weakness or fear they have themselves permitted.