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Definition of Unsanitary

  • not sanitary or healthful

How to use unsanitary in a sentence. Unsanitary pronunciation.

This lax method of caring for the infant, the neglect to dress the cord, and the unsanitary condition of the dwellings, make it extremely probable that the infection was through the umbilical cord.
Why spend time, money, heart and enthusiasm in seeking to overcome or straighten out and make correct the bent lives that have come down to us through the unsanitary moral conditions of a previous generation?
As we live now a great many people work too hard, too long, under unsanitary conditions, a sort of living sacrifice to the rest of the world; and a few people do visibly and ostentatiously consume and waste the very things the workers so painfully lack.
And in truth, the little tailor's unwholesome life and unsanitary surroundings had unfortunately brought him to such a pass that the trace of copper-poisoning was like the last straw.
The tomb was built of bricks; there were no rocky cliffs in which to excavate it, and the marshy soil made a grave unsanitary.
It flourishes in unsanitary surroundings, camps, and homes where the family uses the common wash basin and towel.
We cannot relax our efforts in regard to the relations of poverty, drink, and unsanitary conditions, as leading to crime.
In all industries carried on directly or indirectly for the United States Government women and children should be protected from excessive hours of labor, from night work, and from work under unsanitary conditions.
During the war forty-five per cent. of the troops were incapacitated because of unsanitary food.
Associated Word: depilatory. unhallowed, a. unsanctified, profane. unhandy, a. inconvenient; clumsy, awkward, maladroit. unhappiness, n. infelicity, misery, distress, sorrow, woe. unhappy, a. infelicitous, unfortunate; miserable, wretched, sad, sorrowful, disconsolate, woeful, distressed, heart-sick, mournful, lugubrious; deplorable, calamitous, distressing, grievous, inauspicious, unpropitious, malign. unharmed, a. unscathed, inviolate, uninjured, unhurt, intact, scathless. unharmonious, a. inharmonious, discordant, dissonant, harsh. unhealable, a. insanable, incurable. unhealthful, a. unwholesome, insalubrious, unsanitary, unhealthy, morbific, pestiferous. unhealthfulness, n. insalubrity, unwholesomeness. unhealthy, a. unhealthful, unwholesome, insalubrious, noxious, noisome, pestiferous, pernicious, unsanitary, unhygienic, morbid, morbific, pestilent, insalutary; sickly, unsound, diseased, morbid, invalid. unheard of.
He was unacquainted with the work either of Holmes or of Semmelweiss, and approached the problem from still another standpoint, drawing attention to the much higher deathrate among women delivered amid unsanitary surroundings.
Is this neglect, indifference, obliviousness, or do the authorities believe that the impurities and unsanitary exhalements are sufficiently oxidised to prevent any disease?
Streets become filthy, unsanitary tenements are built, firetrap factories and theaters allowed; every effort to improve public health is sidetracked, and the will of the people is subordinated to the will of the gang.
It is the poverty, the crowded and unsanitary living conditions, the ignorance and helplessness of the masses, that perpetuate all this unnecessary suffering, this economic waste, this drag on human efficiency and happiness.
There is, however, no need whatever of unsanitary housing; it is merely the selfishness of owners and the apathy of the public that permits its existence.
The results of living in the dark, foul-aired, unsanitary tenements of our slums are: a great increase in sickness and premature death; a stunting of growth, physical and mental, and an increase in numbers of backward and delinquent children; the spread of vicious and criminal habits through the lack of privacy and contagion of close contact with the vicious.
A less appalling, but still sufficiently serious; aspect of industrial unrighteousness is the dirty, crowded, ugly, unsanitary, and sometimes indecent conditions under which many workers in our prosperous age have to carry on their work.
You cross a bridge to the farther bank of the river and presently you find yourself-at least I found myself there-in one of the very few remaining quarters of old Paris, as yet untouched by the scheme of improvement that is wiping out whatever is medieval and therefore unsanitary, and making it all over, modern and slick and shiny.
The pipes and drains were unsanitary, and the air was bad to breathe.

Examples of Unsanitary

Example #1
Blacklock, Avisse, Koslov, and La Mott-Houdart are among other blind poets.
Example #2
Another case was that of a female, aged twenty-three, who had an extra long vaginal canal, probably accounting for the absence of pregnancy.
Example #3
We have had wretched laws, desperate customs, children have grown up under them to become fathers and mothers of generations no better than themselves.
Example #4
The old people may die, in all probability they will, but under right and sanitary conditions the children will grow up into vigorous elements of a strong and worthful society.
Example #5
Socialism claims to ensure decent payment for all labor, and see that we all receive it-all of us; not the same for everyone; but enough for everyone.
Example #6
If this was common to all of us it would mean the downfall of civilization.