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Definition of Unsorted

  • Not sorted; not classified; as, a lot of unsorted goods.
  • Not well selected; ill-chosen.

How to use unsorted in a sentence. Unsorted pronunciation.

II Gerald Scales walked about the Strand, staring up at its high narrow houses, crushed one against another as though they had been packed, unsorted, by a packer who thought of nothing but economy of space.
It is difficult to pick out from the confusion of these unsorted fragments all the heroes of Emily Bronte's saga.
The Gothic chapel of the cemetery, unsorted as it was, gave me, with its half-dozen statues standing or sitting about, an emotion such as I am afraid I could not receive now from the Acropolis, Westminster Abbey, and Santa Crocea in one.
Then all the rest of the morning, and, after a mouthful of dinner, all the afternoon in my closet till night, sorting all my papers, which have lain unsorted for all the time we were at Greenwich during the plague, which did please me also, I drawing on to put my office into a good posture, though much is behind.

Examples of Unsorted

Example #1
Except by Somerset House, King's College, and one or two theatres and banks, the monotony of mean shops, with several storeys unevenly perched over them, was unbroken, Then Gerald encountered Exeter Hall, and examined its prominent facade with a provincial's eye; for despite his travels he was not very familiar with London.
Example #2
She wept, but without sobbing.
Example #3
There is Gleneden, who kills a tyrant and is put in prison for it.
Example #4
You have thus four poems, obviously related; and a fifth that links them, obviously, with the Gondal legend.
Example #5
The women were pretty enough, and the men were handsome enough; perhaps the average was higher in respect of beauty than the average is anywhere else; I was lately from New England, where the people were distinctly more hard-favored; but among all those thousands at Rockaway I found no striking types.
Example #6
I tried hard for some aesthetic sense of it, and I made believe that I thought this thing and that thing in the place moved me with its fitness or beauty; but the truth is that I had no taste in anything but literature, and did not feel the effect I would so willingly have experienced.