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The free, constant, unthreatened intercourse of nations is an essential part of the process of peace and of development.
I am proposing, as it were, that the nations should with one accord adopt the doctrine of President Monroe as the doctrine of the world; that no nation should seek to extend its policy over any other nation or people, but that every people should be left free to determine its own policy, its own way of development, unhindered, unthreatened, unafraid, the little along with the great and powerful.
Grant me the happiness of seeing you unthreatened and free from danger in your greatness and splendor!
Nowhere was there a lawn more smooth-shaven, walks better swept, or a porch more prettily festooned with creepers, than at Foxholm Parsonage, standing snugly sheltered by beeches and chestnuts half-way down the pretty green hill which was surmounted by the church, and overlooking a village that straggled at its ease among pastures and meadows, surrounded by wild hedgerows and broad shadowing trees, as yet unthreatened by improved methods of farming.

Examples of Unthreatened

Example #1
It need not be difficult to define or to secure the freedom of the seas if the Governments of the world sincerely desire to come to an agreement concerning it.
Example #2
There can be no trust or intimacy between the peoples of the world without them.
Example #3
I am proposing that all nations henceforth avoid entangling alliances which would draw them into competitions of power, catch them in a net of intrigue and selfish rivalry, and disturb their own affairs with influences intruded from without.
Example #4
And in holding out the expectation that the people and Government of the United States will join the other civilized nations of the world in guaranteeing the permanence of peace upon such terms as I have named, I speak with the greater boldness and confidence because it is clear to every man who can think that there is in this promise no breach in either our traditions or our policy as a nation, but a fulfilment, rather, of all that we have professed or striven for.
Example #5
Oh, Elizabeth, listen to the prayer of your faithful servant-let not this Anna Leopoldowna pass the boundary of your realm-let not your most deadly enemy escape!
Example #6
Alexis Razumovsky fell upon his knees before her, and, imploringly raising his hands, said: "Elizabeth, my empress, have compassion for my care and anxiety on your account; leave me not to tremble for your safety!