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Definition of Unwilling

  • Not willing; loath; disinclined; reluctant; as, an unwilling servant.
  • not disposed or inclined toward

How to use unwilling in a sentence. Unwilling pronunciation.

Emmeline held to the view that she was in love with the man Cobb, though perhaps unwilling to admit it, even in her own silly mind.
For in real life ruffians are surprisingly unwilling to play this complaisant role.
As I saw that his end was drawing near, one day I pressed the importance of preparing to meet God, when he became angry and said I need not trouble myself any more about his soul, as there was no God, the Bible was a fable, and when we die that is the last of us, and was unwilling that I should pray with him.
It arrived after church service had begun; the sexton was unwilling to carry it to the pulpit, as it was against the rule, but when told he _must, as a life was in great danger_, he consented, and delivered it to the pastor.
She came according to her promise and offered the money, but the doctor was unwilling to take it, as he had no charge on his books.
The wife of an infantry colonel, unwilling to be parted from her husband, followed the march of his regiment in a coach, and on the days of battle mounted a horse and kept herself as near as possible to the line.
Oh, a lifetime! Unwilling, now, to justify herself with the plea of love; doubtful, in very truth, whether her passion merited that name; she looked back in the stern spirit of a woman judging another's frailty.
Women of her sort want to be persuaded; their bits of scandal must be dragged from them by force; they are the unwilling victims who would say nothing if they could help it.
Urlsperger was offended that the negotiations from Herrnhut with the Trustees were not being carried on through him, "the only one in Germany to whom the Trustees had sent formal authority to receive people persecuted on account of religion, or forced to emigrate," and the Halle party were unable or unwilling to meet the leaders of the Moravians "without prejudice".
At night I was waked by the tossing of the ship, and roaring of the wind, and plainly showed I was unfit, for I was unwilling to die.
Of actions performed before their own eyes, wherein several persons were actors, they would be unwilling to give evidence upon oath before a judge; and there is no man, so familiarly known to them, for whose intentions they would become absolute caution.
Godric punished himself, as he could not punish them, for the unwilling share which he had had in the wrong.
Hayward had often suggested excursions, a visit to the play, or a bottle of wine, when Philip had come to the end of his month's money; and with the folly of his age he had been unwilling to confess he could not afford an extravagance.
He had given the approaching examination as his excuse, but in point of fact he had been unwilling to leave London and Mildred.
Philip did not care that if she yielded to his desires it would only be the unwilling price she paid for the gratification of her wish.
There was one happy occurrence: Hayward a fortnight before had written to say that he was passing through London and had asked him to dinner; but Philip, unwilling to be bothered, had refused.
To this decision his tortuous conferences with Jasper, and his frank soliloquy in the dingle, had bent him fully forty-eight hours before Belle's ultimate departure, unwilling though he was to incur the yoke of matrimony.
Mary pressed him to tell her all about it, and Ralph was not at all unwilling to exhibit proofs of the extent of his knowledge.
Cassandra was not unwilling to gratify her.
Suddenly she was clutched, unwilling, from the outside, by the recollection of her purpose in coming there.

Examples of Unwilling

Example #1
But what could be at the root of her seemingly so foolish existence?
Example #2
The trivial concealment between him and her amounted to nothing, did not alter the facts of the situation.
Example #3
Finding himself falling in love with Elena, Insarov determines to go away like Lancelot, without saying farewell.
Example #4
Nothing is more delightful than to knock down a husky ruffian who has insulted the woman you love; but it is a desperate undertaking, and rarely crowned with success.
Example #5
I left him, feeling very sad.
Example #6
I, with others, sought kindly and prayerfully to turn his mind to his need of a Saviour, but only met with rebuffs.