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Definition of Urbana

  • a university town in east central Illinois adjoining Champaign

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The town of Urbana, in Ohio, this year (1830) has been nearly destroyed by a visitation of this nature.
About two months ago a group of the leading farmers from our section of the State went up to Urbana to look over the experiment fields, some of which have been carried on since 1870.
There was, to be sure, a difference between Urbana, Ohio, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and he realized the difference in the extreme and perhaps beyond it.
It was a great step for him from the Swedenborgian school at Urbana to the young university at Ithaca; and I remember his exultation in making it.
Both Brutus and Cassius had wished for the praetura urbana, and, when Caesar gave that office to Brutus, Cassius was not only indignant at Caesar, but began quarrelling with Brutus also.
At Hammondsport, south of Lake Keuka-in other words, Crooked Lake-and in the State of New York, the establishments of the Pleasant Valley and Urbana wine companies, devoting their attention to both still and sparkling wines, are installed.
The Urbana Wine Company, also established at Hammondsport at the same epoch as its rival, deals, like the latter, in still wines as well.
The Urbana Wine Company produces excellent sparkling wines of singular lightness and of delicate though distinctive flavour.
Carte Blanche Pleasant Valley Paris Exposition URBANA WINE CO., Hammondsport, N.Y.

Examples of Urbana

Example #1
Pharo-banks, roulette-tables, and gambling of all kinds, are publicly permitted; but the proprietor of each establishment pays a tax of 5000 dollars per annum.
Example #2
The houses are all flat-roofed, and those in the back streets and fauxbourgs are seldom more than one story high; the practice of building houses in this manner was pursued in order to avoid injury from tornadoes, which occasionally visit the valley of the Mississippi; latterly they have not been of frequent occurrence, although when they do arise, they are extremely violent.
Example #3
The land is the typical corn belt prairie, and consequently the results should be of very wide application.
Example #4
Well, as a result of that day's inspection of the actual field results, an even twelve carloads of raw phosphate were ordered by those farmers upon their return home; and I learned of another community where ten carloads were ordered at once after a similar visit.
Example #5
I fancied that literature, that poetry was so; and it was humiliation and anguish indescribable to think of myself torn from my high ideals by labors like those of the reporter.
Example #6
I tried to make him believe that if a man had one or two friends anywhere who loved letters and sympathized with him in his literary attempts, it was incentive enough; but of course he wished to be in the centres of literature, as we all do; and he never was content until he had set his face and his foot Eastward.