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How to use us-poor in a sentence. Us-poor pronunciation.

We have had many calls upon us,-poor old Mrs. Bradley, for one,-and we could not afford to spend much money.
So indeed the morn found us,-poor frivolous things!
We took prisoner as many of their Arab zaptiehs as still were living-aye, they even brought Arabs against us-poor fools who had not yet heard of Zeitoon's defenders!

Examples of Us-poor

Example #1
But we have bought you a good pair of blankets, which are warm and serviceable, and we hope you will not be offended, and we do not believe that you will be, for you know our motives, and all that we ask is that when you are warm and comfortable under our little gift, you will sometimes think of us.
Example #2
Of course, what we have done has not been upon an expensive scale.
Example #3
Now our sky is o'ercast, and our sunbeam is set, And the night brings its darkness around us.
Example #4
Like those children of sunshine, the bright summer flies, That sport in the sunbeam, and play through the skies While the skies smile, and heed not each other: at last, When their sunbeam is gone, and their sky overcast, Who recks in what ruin they fold their wet wings?
Example #5
Then we came down to the plains for a little vengeance, leaving the Arabs for our wives to guard.
Example #6
We threw their cannon down a thousand feet into the bed of the torrent, and there they lie to-day!