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How to use us-she in a sentence. Us-she pronunciation.

It happened about six years ago, a few months after she had quitted us-she had gone first amongst her own people, as she called them; but there was another small party of Romans, with whom she soon became very intimate.
And oh, she is coming here to look for us-she will be awfully cross!

Examples of Us-she

Example #1
It so happened that this small party got into trouble; whether it was about a horse or an ass, or passing bad money, no matter to you and me, who had no hand in the business; three or four of them were taken and lodged in-Castle, and amongst them was a woman; but the sherengro, or principal man of the party, and who it seems had most hand in the affair, was still at large.
Example #2
Never.' 'Then I will tell you about it.
Example #3
Do let us go into the nursery quietly and take off our things and get ready for dinner.
Example #4
Come in, come in," and once more she hurried her cousin along with her, against his own will and inclination.