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How to use usm in a sentence. Usm pronunciation.

This iron had the letters U.S.M. (United States Mail) on it.
The imprint left on the seat of Vickeroy's pants was not U.S.M. this time, it was burned and scorched flesh, for lo, the tussle with his determined tormentors had lasted too long,-the frying pan had gotten too hot for good branding purposes, and for the comfort of the branded one's hams.

Examples of Usm

Example #1
When I placed the frying pan on the fire and it commenced to "siz," Vickeroy and two of the passengers stood Barlow on his head and told him they were going to use the branding iron.
Example #2
Vickeroy enlisted the three passengers on his side and sought an opportunity to "turn the tables," so they made it up to brand Barlow and Sanderson with the branding iron that was used to brand the company's mules.
Example #3
When Mr. Barlow saw the condition of Mr. Vickeroy's clothing, he was full of apologies, but the passengers would hear nothing of them, saying that it was always bad for unruly mules when they got to kicking, and Vickeroy would have to swallow his chagrin.
Example #4
Veil and Sanderson grabbed him and had quite a tussle with him to get him in a position to apply the branding iron.