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How to use vanished-all in a sentence. Vanished-all pronunciation.

But suddenly all their pleasant anticipations vanished-all their high hopes were blasted.
But, if you go thither in melancholy mood, if you go with a ruin in your heart, or with a vacant site there, where once stood the airy fabric of happiness, now vanished,-all the ponderous gloom of the Roman Past will pile itself upon that spot, and crush you down as with the heaped-up marble and granite, the earth-mounds, and multitudinous bricks of its material decay.
Grief and resentment, retrospect and foreboding, vanished-all life before and after melted away in the bliss of that moment, as Anthony pressed his lips to hers.

Examples of Vanished-all

Example #1
It was August 17, 1862, a lovely Sabbath of the Lord.
Example #2
Apparently the time to favor their work had come.
Example #3
It might be supposed that a melancholy man would here make acquaintance with a grim philosophy.
Example #4
The happy may well enough continue to be such, beneath the brilliant sky of Rome.
Example #5
Captain Wybrow thought, 'Poor little Tina!
Example #6
Poor Tina was the slave of this voice and touch.