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It was a calm and tranquillizing scene; and so intent was Lady Vargrave's abstracted gaze, that Mrs. Leslie was unwilling to disturb her revery.
A more popular manner than Lord Vargrave's it is impossible to conceive.
Though Caroline was his sole supporter in this dialogue, Lord Vargrave's eyes attempted to converse with Evelyn, who was unusually silent and abstracted.
He should, of course, be invited to the rectory; it was much nearer London than Lady Vargrave's cottage, he could more often escape from public cares to superintend his private interest.
Ought I not to say that I cannot fulfil the wish that-oh, there's the thought which leaves me so irresolute!-His uncle bequeathed to me-me who have no claim of relationship-the fortune that should have been Lord Vargrave's, in the belief that my hand would restore it to him.
Vargrave's words were artful and eloquent; the words were calculated to win their way, but the manner, the tone of voice, wanted earnestness and truth.
Lord Vargrave's deficiency of heart was the true cause why he was not a great man.
Do not resolutely set yourself against Lord Vargrave's claim; do not persuade yourself that you must be unhappy in a union with him.
Evelyn, for she was the intruder, paused at the threshold till her mother rose from her devotions, and then she threw herself on Lady Vargrave's breast, sobbing as if her heart would break.
At that moment, certain it is that Lady Vargrave's heart reproached her with not having, indeed, loved this sweet girl as she deserved.
And here I must mention, what made matters worse, That Lucile and the Duke at the selfsame hotel With the Vargraves resided.

Examples of Vargrafe

Example #1
At length Lady Vargrave turned; and there was that patient and pathetic resignation written in her countenance which belongs to those whom the world can deceive no more, and who have fixed their hearts in the life beyond.
Example #2
The moonlight was exceedingly bright; and just beyond the garden, from which it was separated but by a slight fence, lay the solitary churchyard of the hamlet, with the slender spire of the holy edifice rising high and tapering into the shining air.
Example #3
Frank and prepossessing, even when the poor and reckless Mr. Ferrers, without rank or reputation, his smile, the tone of his voice, his familiar courtesy,-apparently so inartificial and approaching almost to a boyish bluntness of good-humour,-were irresistible in the rising statesman and favoured courtier.
Example #4
Mrs. Merton was enchanted with him; Caroline thought him, at the first glance, the most fascinating person she had ever seen; even Mrs. Leslie, more grave, cautious, and penetrating, was almost equally pleased with the first impression; and it was not till, in his occasional silence, his features settled into their natural expression that she fancied she detected in the quick suspicious eye and the close compression of the lips the tokens of that wily, astute, and worldly character, which, in proportion as he had risen in his career, even his own party reluctantly and mysteriously assigned to one of their most prominent leaders.
Example #5
Suddenly Lord Vargrave seemed aware that he was scarcely general enough in his talk for his hearers.
Example #6
He addressed himself to Mrs. Leslie, and glided back, as it were, into a former generation.