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He, more than all of them, had been in open conflict with Oom Paul in the the past, had fought him the most vigorously, and yet for him the old veldschoen Boer had some regard and much respect, in so far as he could respect a Rooinek at all. "I will go," Byng repeated, and looked round the table at haggard faces, at ashen faces, at the faces of men who had smoked to quiet their nerves, or drunk hard all night to keep up their courage.
There was no trick of the veldschoen copper for which they were not ready; and for any device of Kruger's lambs they were prepared to go one better.
An open grassy plain. VELDSCHOEN Rough untanned leather shoes.

Examples of Veldschoen

Example #1
How many times they had done the same in olden days, when the millions were not yet arrived, and their only luxury was companionship and champagne-or something less expensive.
Example #2
But it was his duty to offer to go; and he felt that he could do good by going, and that he was needed at Johannesburg.
Example #3
They were not youngsters, either of them; but they had the spring of youth in them, and a deep basis of strength and force; and they knew the veld and the veld people.
Example #4
They had been together in the old Rand Rifles, and had, in the words of the Kaffir, been as near as the flea to the blanket, since the day when Rudyard discovered that Barry Whalen was on the same ship bound for the seat of war.
Example #5
To move from place to place with belongings.
Example #6
The national flag (four colours) of the late South African Republics.