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Definition of Venting

  • the act of venting

How to use venting in a sentence. Venting pronunciation.

But if you're satisfied with her discipline,' Father Oliver jerked out, and it was all he could do to check himself from further snaps at the parish priest, a great burly man who could not tell a minor from a major chord, yet was venting the opinion that good singing distracted the attention of the congregation at their prayers.
At first I hoped it was impersonal, that, womanlike you were merely venting general disfavor on one particular individual.
Look at me" and down went the silver, and venting her joy, the poor child fell; crying and laughing together, into the old man's arms.
After passing through South Carolina and venting its spleen on the Secession State, the Federal Army, like a great forest fire, sweeping over vast areas, stops of its own accord by finding nothing to feed upon.
And that profound nature of noble pride and grief venting themselves in a momentary peevishness of resentment toward Florizel:— ...
While Abernethy was saying this, Kinlay was venting a torrent of oaths and words in disparagement of my father and his men.
Then in the evening when the black woman came along, going after the cows, the children would race ahead and set the cows running and jingling their bells-especially Little Sam, for he was a wild-headed, impetuous child of sudden ecstasies that sent him capering and swinging his arms, venting his emotions in a series of leaps and shrieks and somersaults, and spasms of laughter as he lay rolling in the grass.
Can it engender feelings otherwise than of a hostile and vindictive kind; or can we wonder that he should take the first opportunity of venting those feelings upon his aggressor?
Into your phesants and your partriches; 45 Venting their quintessence as men read Hebrew- Let me but hawlk at him, and like the other, He shall confesse all, and you then may hang him.
Venting, in this incoherent strain, the exultation which filled my thoughts, I wandered on, throughout the whole day, till my spirits had exhausted themselves by indulgence; and, wearied alike by mental excitement and bodily exertion, I turned, with slow steps, towards the house.
Now one passed a broken-down dray; then one's ears were horrified at the oaths an unhappy wight was venting at a mud-hole into which he had stumbled.
Seeing no use in ferreting the delinquent out of so dangerous a place, the inspector sulkily withdrew, though not without venting some of his ill-humour upon Robert, at whose representations, made to him the day previous, he had come so far out of his road.
And now this anonymous ruffian, with nothing to gain, apparently, save the venting of his spite against foreigners, had wrenched it out of the obscurity in which he had hoped and wished it would remain.
And then, as if venting some long and secret irritation, he added: "In these days people don't understand.
The reason why, I cannot tell, But this I know full well, [235] that here I am, at three o'clock in the morning, venting my rage on you.
A jargon of angry cries arose, each assailant seeming desirous of venting his especial method for showing dislike.
That they would retain possession of their city itself and their household gods only in case the Roman people should refrain from venting their indignation upon these, which is all that remains for them to do.
A short time before, whilst Reiner was preaching, a robust youth being earnestly exhorted to follow the example of his companions in taking the cross, answered, "I will not follow your advice until, with this lance which I bear in my hand, I shall have avenged the death of my lord," alluding to Owen, son of Madoc, a distinguished warrior, who had been maliciously and treacherously slain by Owen Cyfeilioc, his cousin-german; and while he was thus venting his anger and revenge, and violently brandishing his lance, it suddenly snapped asunder, and fell disjointed in several pieces to the ground, the handle only remaining in his hand.
Joining the search came the rest, brothers, and sisters and cousins, Venting unspeakable fears in pitiful wailing for Peter!
We were met by bold defiance, by outrageous abuse, and with an almost overwhelming venting of falsehoods.

Examples of Venting

Example #1
He would have liked to ask him if he was to understand that bad singing tended to a devotional mood, but wishing to remain on good terms with his superior, he said nothing and waited for Father Peter to state his case against the new schoolmistress, which he seemed to think could be done by speaking of the danger of young unmarried women in the parish.
Example #2
There had never been such weather in Ireland before, and the day he rode his bicycle over to see Father Peter seemed to him the hottest day of all.
Example #3
I have racked my brains-stayed awake all of last night.
Example #4
I raised my eyebrows, coldly interrogative.
Example #5
A face dark and hollow, all overgrown with hair black as night and uncombed-a pair of wild eyes-a body bent nearly double-hands like claws.
Example #6
Father! see what I have brought you!