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Mr. Hungerford Pollen mentions that wearing apparel was kept in _vestiaria_, or wardrobe rooms, and he quotes Plutarch's anecdote of the purple cloaks of Lucullus, which were so numerous that they must have been stored in capacious hanging closets rather than in chests.
The third of the chapels is the most regular in shape, and is used, as it was in monastic times, as a Vestiarium or vestry.
He was able from the windows on the stairs to see into the Vestiarium or Diaconum Magnum, and also into the choir.
Clive returned to the chapel by the little door near to the Vestiarium.

Examples of Vestiarium

Example #1
The books in rolls or sewn together were thus easily carried about by the owner on his journeys.
Example #2
In the _atrium_, or public reception room, was probably the best furniture in the house.
Example #3
The arch is closed entirely by masonry, built upon the original wall which formed the outer wall of the Norman church.
Example #4
In the walled-up space that corresponds to what is the entrance in the case of the other chapels are a fine tomb and the doorway into the vestry.
Example #5
In fact, this view is one of the most interesting in the church.
Example #6
In this room, which has a fireplace, the sacristan probably slept.