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Definition of Vice-regent

  • a regent's deputy

How to use vice-regent in a sentence. Vice-regent pronunciation.

I know, so does all Madras, that the Nawaub has placed his young son, Tippoo, as Vice-Regent of his newly-conquered territory of Bangalore, which Hyder hath lately added to his dominions.
Thou art judge: Vice-regent of the Emperor-of Heaven.
These two words, in the usage of the psalms, belong to Divinity, and they are applied to the monarch here as being the earthly representative of the divine supremacy, on whom there falls some reflection of the glory and the majesty of which He is the vice-regent and representative.

Examples of Vice-regent

Example #1
But that Tippoo should bestow the government of that important place on an apostate Feringi, seems more doubtful.
Example #2
He did not even enquire by what means the renegade Briton proposed to acquire that influence with Tippoo which might enable him to betray him-he only desired to be assured that the fact was real.
Example #3
Then do thy duty,-as thou hopest for justice From Him who rules above, show it to us!
Example #4
Drive this insolent rabble from my sight! ARM.
Example #5
Thus arrayed, with His weapon by His side and glittering armour on His limbs, He is called upon to mount His chariot or His warhorse and ride forth.
Example #6
The King, then, is the perfection of warrior strength as well as of beauty and gentleness-a combination of qualities that speaks of old days when kings _were_ kings, and reminds us of many a figure in ancient song, as well as of a Saul and a David in Jewish history.