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Definition of Vinification

  • The conversion of a fruit juice or other saccharine solution into alcohol by fermentation.
  • the process whereby fermentation changes grape juice into wine

How to use vinification in a sentence. Vinification pronunciation.

The commoner kinds, indeed, frequently have a pronounced unpleasant flavour, due to the nature of the soil, to careless vinification, or to the inferior quality of liqueur with which the wines have been dosed.
Viticulture and vinification languished in the United States until attention was called in 1826 to the catawba vine by Major Adlum, of Georgetown, near Washington, who thought that by so doing he was conferring a greater benefit on his country than if he had liquidated its national debt.
Associated Words: alcoholism, spirituous, alcoholic, vinification, vinificator, methilepsia, dipsomania, dipsomaniac, fusel, methyl, methylate, methylated. ale inspector.

Examples of Vinification

Example #1
Out of some fifty samples of all ages and varieties which in my capacity of juror I tasted at the Paris Exhibition I cannot call to mind one that a real connoisseur of sparkling wines would care to admit to his table.
Example #2
Besides being too spirituous, the sparkling wines of the Jura are deficient in refinement and delicacy.
Example #3
This vine, which is derived from the wild _Vitis labrusca_, was first planted on an extensive scale by Nicholas Longworth, justly looked upon as one of the founders of American viticulture, and gradually supplanted all others, remaining for many years the principal plant cultivated along the banks of the Ohio-the so-called “Rhine of America”-until, ceaselessly attacked by rot, mildew, and leaf-blight, it was found necessary in many places to supplant it by more robust varieties.
Example #4
It is irrigated by water from the hot springs, situated a few miles distant, and is believed to be from half to three-quarters of a century old.
Example #5
Antonym: reassuring. albinoism, n. albinism, leucopathy. alcohol, n. ethyl alcohol, methol, spirit of wine, rectified spirit.
Example #6
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