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How to use vipsanium in a sentence. Vipsanium pronunciation.

This prince was the son of Tiberius by his first wife, Vipsania, and was the cousin of Germanicus.
Her name was Vipsania; the whole intensity of his pent-up nature went into his feeling for her; he was remarkably happily married;-that is, for the human, the tender, sensitive, and affectionate side of him.
There was also his patent devotion to Vipsania.....
Let Tiberius put away Vipsania and marry Julia.
He said no word; he divorced Vipsania and explained nothing.
Austere, reserved, and self-controlled as he was, at sight of Vipsania he could not hide his tears.

Examples of Vipsanium

Example #1
The chief ruler had no outward badges of authority; he did not wear a diadem; he was not surrounded with a court.
Example #2
The office of chief magistrate was elective, and was held for life, no salary was attached to it, no revenues were appropriated to it, no tribute was raised for it.
Example #3
Meanwhile both brothers had proved their worth.
Example #4
But Tiberius had made a love-match, with a mere daughter of Agrippa by some former wife: an alliance that could not advance him in any way.
Example #5
You could only sneer at him, if at all, for lack of spirit.
Example #6
But Tiberius was too austere; his life chilled even Roman gossip into silence.