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Volumen Tertium recognovit Rudolfus Schoell; Opus Schoellii morte interceptum absolvit G. Kroll.
Jusqu'à l'invention du clic, le savoir humain était senti comme un espace newtonien, avec deux repères absolus: le temps (linéaire: un début, une fin) et l'espace (les trois dimensions du temple, du rouleau, du volumen).
The term volumen, a scroll, indicates the early form of a book of bark, papyrus, skin, or parchment, as the term liber (Latin, a book, or the inner bark of a tree) does the use of the bark itself.
The leaves of the palm-tree were used, and the finest and thinnest part of the bark of such trees as the lime, the ash, the maple, and the elm; from hence comes the word _liber_, which signifies the inner bark of the trees; and as these barks are rolled up, in order to be removed with greater ease, these rolls were called _volumen_, a volume, a name afterwards given to the like rolls of paper or parchment.

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Example #1
The Fragments of the Perpetual Edict of Salvius Julianus.
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Corpus Iuris Civilis: Institutiones recognovit Paulus Krueger; Digesta recognovit Theodorus Mommsen.
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Le cyberespace obéit aux lois de l'hypertexte.
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Un modèle de la vision que nous avons aujourd'hui de l'univers.
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Hence also our terms library and librarian.
Example #6
It was also called biblos by Homer and Herodotus, whence our term bible.