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How to use vostra in a sentence. Vostra pronunciation.

By the belly of St. Cramcapon, quoth the friar, I understand the customs and ceremonies which are used there much better than all the formal stuff, antique postures, and nonsensical fiddle-faddle that must be used with those women, magni magna, shittencumshita, cringes, grimaces, scrapes, bows, and congees; double honours this way, triple salutes that way, the embrace, the grasp, the squeeze, the hug, the leer, the smack, baso las manos de vostra merce, de vostra maesta.
Intro abite, opera huc conducta est vostra, non oratio.
Ammice care mieie Io chiagno la roina vostra, e mia, E de Porchiano tutta.
Testemmonia vostra, huommene, e Dieie. Mon.

Examples of Vostra

Example #1
O the holy Lady Nytouch, said one, the good Sanctess; O our Lady of Succours, said another, help, help!
Example #2
Some cried unto Sanct Barbe, others to St. George.
Example #3
You were engaged to get up a dinner here, not a declamation.
Example #4
Heus, senex, pro vapulando hercle ego abs te mercedem petam.
Example #5
Quanno sarrà lo tiempo, Che cessarà lo chianto; Dince Argaste da bene, Che ntrabenuto t'è, che chigne tanto?
Example #6
Oimè che sarrà chesto, Quarche guaio troppo acieruo Sarrà socciesso pe nce da dolore, Iammo Pasture, iammo Scontammolo; a ca vene Nnant'isso à la via nostra.