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Vite chez Barbezieux, chez Pontchartrain, chez Chamillart, chez Voysin, chez leurs parents, chez leurs amis, chez leurs domestiques.
At the period of the Voysins and the Brinvilliers, there were nothing but poisoners abroad; and against these, a court was expressly instituted, called ardente, because it condemned them to the flames.
After the death of Louvois and of Turenne, after the retirement of Conde, when the central power fell into the hands of Chamillard or of Voysin, the pretence of directing war from the king's closet at Versailles produced the most fatal effects.
Desmarets in the finance and Voysin in the war department, both superintendents of finance, the former a nephew of Colbert's and initiated into business by his uncle, both of them capable and assiduous, succumbed, like their predecessors, beneath the weight of the burdens which were overwhelming and ruining France.

Examples of Voysin

Example #1
O imprudent que je suis!
Example #2
Cela est dur, l'homme est grossier.
Example #3
At the time of which I am now speaking, 1703, for I forgot to relate what follows in its proper place, forgers of writings were in the ascendant, and became so common, that a chamber was established composed of councillors of state and others, solely to judge the accusations which this sort of criminals gave rise to.
Example #4
It would seem that there are, at certain times, fashions in crimes as in clothes.
Example #5
The states-general of the League were of a different opinion.
Example #6
After long and lively discussion, the three orders decided, each separately, on the 25th of February, to consent to the conference demanded by the friends of the King of Navarre.