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How to use vrishakapi in a sentence. Vrishakapi pronunciation.

Agastya and Kanwa and Bhrigu and Atri and Vrishakapi, and Asita and Devala.
Ekapada, Ahivradhna, the unvanquished Pinakin, Rita Pitrirupa, the three-eyed Maheswara, Vrishakapi, Sambhu, Havana, and Iswara-these are the celebrated Rudras, eleven in number, who are the lords of all the worlds.
Vrishakapi is otherwise explained by Valadeva Vidyabhushan, as He that showers blessings upon His worshippers and causes all His foes to tremble with fear.

Examples of Vrishakapi

Example #1
By actually marrying a woman of the lowest order, by marrying before the elder brother, by marrying a girl that has attained to puberty, and by certain other acts, a Brahmana comes to be regarded as a Vrishalipati.
Example #2
Vrishalipati literally means the husband of a Sudra woman.
Example #3
Whoever amongst the citizens wishes to see the king is allowed to do so without any restriction.
Example #4
That Brahmana who having earned wealth in the morning becomes poor in the afternoon, or who poor in the morning becomes wealthy in the evening or who is destitute of malice, or is stained by a minor fault, deserves, O king, to be invited to Sraddhas.
Example #5
Hence, in tilling earth for such a purpose, one may, without incurring censure or sin, apply the goad to bullocks.
Example #6
Formerly, the deities, while tilling the earth whereon they performed a sacrifice, used the goad for striking the bullocks yoked to the plough.