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How to use vulgar-minded in a sentence. Vulgar-minded pronunciation.

No!-he was young, insolent, inconsiderate, and fond of practical joking,-a vulgar-minded fellow, puffed up with conceit at his elevation to power.
This vulgar-minded man expected to find in the preacher he had elevated a flatterer and a tool.
If you had asked some vulgar-minded neighbour of the great Sir William in his later days whether the astronomer had been a successful man or not, he would doubtless have answered, after his kind, "Certainly.
But at Fuzby, from the dominant faction of Hugginson, and the small vulgar-minded sets who always tried to brow-beat those who were poor, particularly if their birth and breeding were gentle, she found nothing but insulting coldness, or still more insulting patronage.

Examples of Vulgar-minded

Example #1
Hanun took the servants, the ambassadors of David, and shaved off half their beards, and cut off the lower half of all their clothes, and sent them back to David.
Example #2
One would naturally suppose that he would appreciate these motives, and that he would be glad, when scarce settled on his throne, to secure the powerful friendship of King David.
Example #3
He was as much deceived as was Henry II.
Example #4
The first to turn against the archbishop was the Lord High Chamberlain,-Eutropius,-the minister who had brought him to Constantinople.
Example #5
But if you had asked William Herschel himself, he would probably have said, with his usual mixture of earnestness and humility, "Yes, I have been a very fortunate man in life.
Example #6
For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.