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Definition of Waco

  • a city in east central Texas

How to use waco in a sentence. Waco pronunciation.

Then she moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma, from there to Austin, Texas, and on to Waco, where her mother met and married Belding.
The child was born of mulatto parents at Waco, Texas, on August 19, 1885, and when only thirteen months old manifested remarkable mental ability and precocity.
They put him on in Waco, and the manager was laid up, so they told him that after the third act he was to go out and announce the bill for the next night, and he learned that speech, too.
W.H. Emory, 1852. =Pâni.= Vocabulary of the Hueco or Waco; 50 words.

Examples of Waco

Example #1
They lived in New Mexico awhile, in Tucson, Arizona, in Douglas, and finally had come to lonely Forlorn River.
Example #2
Lawrence, Kansas, where she studied for several years, was the later exception to this changeful nature of her schooling.
Example #3
The peculiar effects of a tapeworm are exaggerated appetite and thirst, nausea, headaches, vertigo, ocular symptoms, cardiac palpitation, and Mursinna has even observed a case of trismus, or lockjaw, due to taenia solium.
Example #4
Interesting as are all the anomalies of conception, none are more so than those of unconscious impregnation; and some well-authenticated cases can be mentioned.
Example #5
He was a quick study, at that, only he learned everybody's part as well as his own, and that slowed him.
Example #6
He was just as wise as you are, and when he joined out at Kansas City they gave him a whole book of the piece instead of just his sides.