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Definition of Waftage

  • Conveyance on a buoyant medium, as air or water.

How to use waftage in a sentence. Waftage pronunciation.

I have walked London streets for twelve and fifteen hours together without ever a thought of saving my legs, or my time, by paying for waftage.
Like a strange soul upon the Stygian banks Staying for waftage.
A ship you sent me too, to hier waftage Ant.

Examples of Waftage

Example #1
Being poor as poor can be, there were certain things I had to renounce, and this was one of them.
Example #2
In those days I hardly knew what it was to travel by omnibus.
Example #3
Have you seen my cousin?
Example #4
From Cupid's shoulder pluck his painted wings, And fly with me to Cressid!
Example #5
Thou drunken slaue, I sent thee for a rope, And told thee to what purpose, and what end S.Dro.
Example #6
What ship of Epidamium staies for me S.Dro.