Waited-but in a sentence

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How to use waited-but in a sentence. Waited-but pronunciation.

Of my own volition I would not have gone over to Jucklin's house to break that engagement-I would have waited-but my son told me to go, and after I had gone, why, of course, I had to act my part.
All nature waited-but not for long. Faintly, from a distance, came a low, sad moaning.
If he waited-but Lawless asked her if she cared for him at all, if she wished or intended to marry him?

Examples of Waited-but

Example #1
But it was simply acting, for my heart was not in it.
Example #2
He was silent and I nodded to him, waiting for him to continue.
Example #3
Nearer and nearer it approached, mounting louder and louder in volume.
Example #4
Suddenly it became as midnight; the noises of the jungle ceased; the trees stood motionless as though in paralyzed expectancy of some great and imminent disaster.
Example #5
She said Lawless should trust her; that she had no explanation at that moment to give.
Example #6
He would have asked it of Trafford first if he had seen him.