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How to use walked in a sentence. Walked pronunciation.

As he walked up the room he suddenly realised this fact, and, for a moment, he thought he had made a mistake; but again he remembered distinctly that the letter said half-past eight, and he wondered now if this had been arranged by the Prince-for what purpose?
Then he turned and walked away.
He rose and walked towards his home again.
The Epicurean I well understand, and in his way I might have walked with a wicked grace.
I could have walked the broad way with a laughing heart, though, in truth, habit of mind and desire have kept me in the better path.
The sidewalk was of boards that were more or less loose and inclined to rattle when walked upon.
The next day I loaned the animal to the Clerk of the House to go down to the Dana silver mine, six miles, and he walked back for exercise, and got the horse towed.
Everybody I loaned him to always walked back; they never could get enough exercise any other way.
The horses were so weak and old that we soon found that it would be better if one or two of us got out and walked.
But in a little while it was found that it would be a fine thing if the drive got out and walked also.
As I walked along I could not help smiling at the thought of my being so excited over my fragment of silver when a nobler metal was almost under my nose.
We walked out, after supper, and visited a small Indian camp in the vicinity.
Within a few minutes after Hermas had flung himself out of window into the roadway, Phoebicius walked into his sleeping-room.
As the hoofs of the mule sounded fainter and fainter in the distance, Paulus also quitted the senator's courtyard; Dorothea pointed after him as he walked towards the mountain.
Then he walked on into the valley with his scaly wares, reminded, as he went, of his son's expression of face when his wife bore him his first little one.
He walked cheerfully forward, and his mind recurred to the centurion's speech that he could if he list, "tread him down like a worm," and he laughed again softly, for he was quite aware that he was ten times as strong as Phoebicius, and formerly he had overthrown the braggart Arkesilaos of Kyrene and his cousin, the tall Xenophanes, both at once in the sand of the Palaestra.
She had gone out, clinging to his arm into the peristyle of his father's house; as he walked backward and forwards with poor, weary, abandoned Sirona, his neglected figure seemed by degrees to assume the noble aspect of a high- born Greek; and instead of the rough, rocky soil, he felt as if he were treading the beautiful mosaic pavement of his father's court.
Occasionally she walked along the asphalte pavement of the Brighton Road-a nursemaids' promenade-as far as the stone which marks twelve miles from Westminster Bridge.
And now,' pursued the girl, poking the ground with her sunshade as she walked, 'there's somebody else.
But half an hour must elapse before the arrival of a train, and she walked about in an irresolute mood.

Examples of Walked

Example #1
To afford amusement to the assembled company?
Example #2
David had been asked for half-past eight o'clock, and he was there on the instant; yet here was every one assembled, the Prince Pasha included.
Example #3
He left by a door leading to his own apartments.
Example #4
Once more Kaid laid a gentle hand upon Nahoum's beard.
Example #5
The future spread clearly before him.
Example #6
It should still be the link with the old life.