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Though unable to read the print in a book, they may be able to “see through a wall,” owing to the fact that their optic nerve responds more rapidly to fine than to coarse vibrations.
Themistocles alone was undismayed, and sought to encourage his countrymen that the “wooden wall” would still be their salvation.
I have been hankering after the grapes on the wall,” says he, “and lost my temper because they were beyond my reach; was there any wonder?
His most popular productions were broadsheets with woodcuts, devoted to all kinds of subjects, sold about the streets, and stuck “like ballads on the wall” of old English cottages; speaking boldly out to the comprehension and tastes of the people on subjects they were interested in.

Examples of Wall

Example #1
When anyone views an object with etheric sight he sees _through_ that object in a manner similar to the way an x-ray penetrates opaque substances.
Example #2
Nearsighted people even, may have etheric vision.
Example #3
The Athenians, if dismayed, did not lose their energies.
Example #4
In despair, the Athenians resolved to abandon Athens, with their families, and take shelter at Salamis.
Example #5
Here his talents and industry gave it celebrity, and under his care the sons of many of the neighbouring gentry received their education.
Example #6
It has been stated that Mr. Goldsmith added a school, which, after having been held at more than one place in the vicinity, was finally fixed at Lissoy.