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A swamp, right or left, or in his rear; a thicket beside him;-any spot in which time could be gained, and an inexperienced militia rallied, long enough to become reconciled to the unaccustomed sights and sounds of war,-were all that he required, in order to secure a fit position for fighting in.
Three good meals, the best old Aunt Sue could cook and Aunt Sue came from Mississippi with them after the war-were eaten with an unflagging relish by this man whose digestion had never discovered itself.
I was eager to see how much Berlin had changed, for I knew it at various stages of the war, but I cannot honestly say that the changes which I detected later, and which I shall deal with in subsequent chapters of this book-changes which are absorbingly interesting to study on the spot and vitally important in the progress and outcome of the war-were very apparent then.

Examples of War-were

Example #1
He found no difficulty in making good soldiers of them.
Example #2
They knew that he had so placed them that valor was the only requisite.
Example #3
Two mornings a week Doctor Jim drove leisurely out to his big Trinity River plantation, a two-thousand-acre plantation, where he was the beloved overlord of sixty negro families.
Example #4
He started each day with a stimulating plunge in his big tub, and never tired proclaiming that with this and enough good whiskey he would live to be a hundred-and then Main Street would stop and listen to the generous reverberations of his deep-chested laugh.
Example #5
In the dying days of 1915 I found the people of Berlin almost as supremely confident of victory, especially now since Bulgaria's entrance had made such sweeping changes in the Balkans, as they were on that day of cloudless blue, the first of August, 1914, when the dense mass swayed before the Royal Palace, to see William II come out upon the balcony to bid his people rise to arms.
Example #6
Now the simple printed list of stations on the heavy train about to start from the capital of Germany to Vilna, deep in Russia, was an awe-inspiring tribute to the great military machine of the Fatherland.