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How to use wash-pan in a sentence. Wash-pan pronunciation.

In it he stated that Jim in his excitement had carried the office broom half a mile and had then come back after the wash-pan.
We fixed it up away down in the woods, and cooked it there; and we got it done at last, and very satisfactory, too; but not all in one day; and we had to use up three wash-pans full of flour before we got through, and we got burnt pretty much all over, in places, and eyes put out with the smoke; because, you see, we didn't want nothing but a crust, and we couldn't prop it up right, and she would always cave in.
When I lived in the cove-it seems a long, long time ago-my thoughts were always away from dirt-floors and cook-stoves and cedar logs and wash-pans.

Examples of Wash-pan

Example #1
In the meantime Pamela Clemens married.
Example #2
It was the fire that furnished Sam Clemens with his Jim Wolfe sketch.
Example #3
But of course we thought of the right way at last-which was to cook the ladder, too, in the pie.
Example #4
But that pie was a job; we had no end of trouble with that pie.
Example #5
They pride themselves on these things and on being amongst them, and I am trying to learn to do that, too.
Example #6
The people want it to be so; they act, and think according to the things around them.