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The latter, after picking himself up, went to the wash-room and staunched the blood flowing from his nose, which Barton's blow had made more bulbous than usual, washed all traces from his face, and then left; but before he did so, he vowed he would be even with him yet.
She looked first in the parlor, and then in the front hall; but at last she found it in the wash-room.
The wash-rooms occupied the whole of the ground floor.
Quintana had found him, - Quintana, after all these years, had discovered the identity and dwelling place of the obscure American soldier who had robbed him in the wash-room of a Paris cafe.

Examples of Wash-room

Example #1
Tims had then interfered, and led Barton into another room, leaving Ginsling to stagger to his feet as best he could.
Example #2
The latter said something which the former eagerly construed into an insult, and to which he replied by knocking him down.
Example #3
She was very sly about it, for she was not sure Ruthie would approve of this kind of housework.
Example #4
Katie knew what he meant in a minute; and soon her hair was flying in the wind, as she ran into the house for her handled mop.
Example #5
The little courtyard was used to hang out on wire cords embroidered handkerchiefs, collarets, capes, cuffs, frilled shirts, cravats, laces, embroidered dresses,-in short, all the fine linen of the best families of the town.
Example #6
One word here on the topography of the house.