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The following year a confederation of the Northern kings, a vast host with horses and chariots, was arrayed against the Israelites; but the forces of the Canaanites were defeated at the “Waters of Merom,” a small lake, formerly the Upper Jordan.
It relieved the thirst of the spirit in the underground world of Hades, where an old myth had declared that “dust only was its food,” and it was at the same time an emblem of those “waters of life” which were believed to bubble up beneath the throne of the goddess of the dead.
Go to your closet, fall upon your knees, and get a good feast of the “bread from heaven” and “water of life,” and then go back and look in that window again and see if there is any hunger.

Examples of Water

Example #1
At Capreæ, a small island near Naples, barren and desolate, but beautiful in climate and scenery, the master of the world spent his latter years, surrounded with literary men and soothsayers.
Example #2
But in this retirement, he did not relax his vigilance in the administration of affairs, although his government was exceedingly unpopular, and was doubtless stained by many acts of cruelty.
Example #3
When the corpse reached the cemetery it was laid upon the ground wrapped in mats of reed and covered with asphalt.
Example #4
The water symbolized the life that the pious Babylonian hoped to enjoy in the world to come.
Example #5
There is not a bit, is there?
Example #6
Go home and feed it.