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How to use water-pail in a sentence. Water-pail pronunciation.

Feeling very dull, I asked permission to go to the water-pail for a drink; let the tin cup fall into the water so that the floor might be splashed; made faces at the good scholars, and did what I could to make the time pass agreeably.
The honeymoon is Mahomet's minute; or say, the Persian King's water-pail that you read of in the story: You dip your head in it, and when you draw it out, you discover that you have lived a life.
But just that instant the officer turned to leave Lord and Lady Greystoke, and, as he did so, tripped against the sailor and sprawled headlong upon the deck, overturning the water-pail so that he was drenched in its dirty contents.
There was a skin of ice on the water-pail at daybreak.
There she struck the small of her back upon the edge of a water-pail that happened to be standing on the floor.
He raised himself cautiously on his elbow, and beheld the girl of the water-pails standing in the full sunshine with her lilac sunbonnet in her hand.
But it was altogether another thing when, plain as print, he saw his first goddess of the shining water-pails sit calmly down on the great granite boulder in the shadow of the bridge, and take one small foot in her hand with the evident intention of removing her foot-gear and occupying the second tub.
So saying, Jock clattered away with his water-pails, muttering to himself.

Examples of Water-pail

Example #1
At noon mother sent my dinner, with the request that I should stay till night, on account of my being in the way while the household was in the crisis of soap-making and whitewashing.
Example #2
Some of the younger children were drowsy already, lulled by the hum of the whisperers.
Example #3
To resume your uncle Algernon still roams in pursuit of the lost one-I should say, hops.
Example #4
Your uncle Hippias has a new and most perplexing symptom; a determination of bride-cake to the nose.
Example #5
For an instant the scene was ludicrous; but only for an instant.
Example #6
In another moment he would have passed by and this strange narrative would never have been recorded.