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How to use water-to in a sentence. Water-to pronunciation.

A cat would travel ten miles and swim a river-and a cat hates water-to claw a gouty foot.
Anyhow, when Otto saw Dr Marsh helped, almost lifted, out of the boat; observed him give a pitiful little smile, and heard him utter some mild pleasantry to those who assisted him, he experienced a gush of feeling such as had never before inflated his reckless little bosom, and something like water-to his great astonishment-caused interference with his vision.
Perhaps Mrs. Catherine expected him too, for she had offered many times to run up-with my Lord's boots-with the hot water-to show Mr. Brock the way; who sometimes condescended to officiate as barber.

Examples of Water-to

Example #1
The young man folded the pamphlet and shoved it into his pocket.
Example #2
Smart old fellow, sir; smart, and a good man to have on your side, but a mighty bad man to have against you-half Yankee by parentage and whole Yankee by instinct.
Example #3
Running forward just as the widow Lynch was officiously thrusting her warm-hearted attentions on the invalid, he accosted the doctor, and offered to escort him to the golden cave.
Example #4
Blind, unreasoning affection is a grand foundation on which to build a mighty superstructure of good offices, kindly acts, and tender feelings, mingled, it may be, with loving forbearance, and occasional suffering, which shall be good to the souls of the lover, as well as the loved one.
Example #5
But on all these occasions Mrs. Score had prevented her; not scolding, but with much gentleness and smiling.
Example #6
The men were waiting for him, and spent much of the Queen's money (earned by the sale of their bodies overnight) while thus expecting him.