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How to use wayde in a sentence. Wayde pronunciation.

Something of what was passing through Jack's mind seemed to communicate itself to the mining assayist, whose name was Payson Wayde.
The reason Wayde didn't want to send them the other time was because he feared a counter legal move on the part of some men who are trying to locate the mine and get it away from those entitled to it But now matters are about straightened out, and I'm going to send off these letters by you.
There were Jed Monty, the stage driver, Dr. Brown, Amos Perkfeld, the president of the express company, Payson Wayde and Mr. Argent, besides Henry Applebaugh, the hotel keeper, and one of his stable boys.

Examples of Wayde

Example #1
He smiled at our hero, and said: "Don't worry, my lad.
Example #2
Was this because of the letter that had put his father under suspicion-the Harrington epistle-or was it because of false reports being spread by those who wanted Jack's place?
Example #3
I'll expect answers back soon, and when they come-" Mr. Argent paused suddenly, for a sound came from around the corner of the porch where he and Jack had been standing during their talk.
Example #4
But there are certain legal forms to comply with before we can actually begin work, and these letters refer to those matters.
Example #5
It was a hold-up," Jack explained.
Example #6
Just cut a little, where I sawed off the ropes on a piece of jagged glass.