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How to use weakness in a sentence. Weakness pronunciation.

But all that is weakness-" "Oh, my child!" suddenly exclaimed Lavretsky, and his voice trembled as he spoke, "don't be fatally wise-don't stigmatize as weakness the cry of your heart, unwilling to give itself away without love!
Emmeline's fever rapidly and painfully increased, and for a week her parents hung over her couch almost despairing of her recovery; their fond hearts almost breaking, as they heard her sweet voice, in the wild accent of delirious intervals, calling aloud on Arthur, and beseeching their consent and blessing to restore her to health; and scarcely less painful was it in her lucid hours to see her clasp her mother's hands repeatedly, and murmur, in a voice almost inarticulate from weakness- "Do not be anxious or grieved for me, my own dear mamma, I shall soon get well, and be your happy Emmeline again.
Vain the simple nursing done To relieve his palsied weakness- Poor old Simon's course was run.

Examples of Weakness

Example #1
Do not take upon yourself so fearful a responsibility towards that man, whom you do not love, and yet to whom you would be about to belong.
Example #2
Do you remember what you said the day before yesterday?
Example #3
I cannot be miserable, when I have you and papa and Ellen to love me so tenderly," and then, she would cling to her mother's neck, and kiss her till she would sink to sleep upon her bosom, as in infancy and childhood she had so often done; and dearer than ever did that gentle girl become, in these hours of suffering, to all who had loved her so fondly before; they had deemed it almost impossible that affection could in any way be increased, and yet it was so.
Example #4
Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. Maitland met at Emmeline's door, to the astonishment and at first alarm of the former-an alarm which subsided into comparative relief, as she listened to Ellen's hurried tale, although anxiety to a very high degree remained, and with some reason, for Ellen's fears were not unfounded.
Example #5
Billy spent the night beside him, But with next day's early dawn, With the east's first flush of scarlet, Simon's faithful soul passed on.
Example #6
Following still the barren plain Where for months the mocking heavens Never spared a drop of rain, Faithful Simon, weak and starving, Following feebly in the track Pulled upon his straining halter, Groaned and fell beneath his pack.