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How to use weakness-and in a sentence. Weakness-and pronunciation.

When her fight for self-control was over and she looked up to apologize for her pitiful exhibition of weakness-and to note whether she had made an impression upon his sympathies-she saw him just entering the house, a quarter of a mile away.
It seemed a weakness-and that her father, of all men, should do it-he who was not afraid of anything nor anyone-it was wholly unaccountable to her.
And now, when the yellow hastens on the green of life; now, for the first time, this emotion-this weakness-and for whom?
Let them see her sought for her social worth,-let them see that she is familiar with all the conditions of their life,-that her vision is at once broader and keener than theirs,-that her feet have travelled along the paths they are just beginning to explore,-that she knows all the phases alike of their strength and their weakness,-and her influence over them is unbounded.

Examples of Weakness-and

Example #1
To anger succeeded a mood of desperate forlornness.
Example #2
She sank down upon the sand and burst into a wild passion of sobs and tears.
Example #3
When they reached home Peg busied herself about her father, trying to make him comfortable, furtively watching him all the while.
Example #4
It did not seem right that a MAN should cry.
Example #5
One I have lived with-known-beneath whose eyes I have passed through all the fine gradations, from liking to love, from love to passion?
Example #6
Have I not fenced it from me throughout all my youth, when my brain did at moments forsake me, and the veins did bound?