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How to use weight-carrier in a sentence. Weight-carrier pronunciation.

He was lean, gaunt, worn, a huge machine of muscle and bone, beautiful only in head and mane, a weight-carrier, a horse strong and fierce like the desert that had bred him.
Most of the mustangs aren't weight-carriers.
He's a weight-carrier and he can run some.

Examples of Weight-carrier

Example #1
The rider fitted the horse as he fitted the saddle.
Example #2
What otherwise would have been muscular symmetry of limb was marred by many a scar and many a lump.
Example #3
This rifle has a great range; I've shot it, and it's just the gun for you to use on wolves and coyotes.
Example #4
Our desert riders like the light carbines that go easy on a saddle.
Example #5
When he was a yearling he got away and ran wild for three years.
Example #6
He said it brightly, smiling the while; still the look in his eyes belied the cheerful resignation.