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Definition of Welcome

  • Received with gladness; admitted willingly to the house, entertainment, or company; as, a welcome visitor.
  • Producing gladness; grateful; as, a welcome present; welcome news.
  • Free to have or enjoy gratuitously; as, you are welcome to the use of my library.
  • Salutation to a newcomer.
  • Kind reception of a guest or newcomer; as, we entered the house and found a ready welcome.
  • To salute with kindness, as a newcomer; to receive and entertain hospitably and cheerfully; as, to welcome a visitor; to welcome a new idea.
  • a greeting or reception
  • the state of being welcome
  • bid welcome to; greet upon arrival
  • receive someone, as into one's house
  • accept gladly
  • giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted

How to use welcome in a sentence. Welcome pronunciation.

Though the words were spoken with an air of ingenuous welcome, David felt the malignity in the last phrase, and knew that now was come the most fateful moment of his life.
This Good-Woman's Death, was very welcome to her unkind Husband, who had now no Body to controul him in his wicked Courses; but the Bawd the Whore and himself had a merry Meeting the next day after she was buried; and being well flushed with Wine, the Jilt thus began to Triumph: _Whore.
All friends are made welcome by you, even when they wear nothing but sheepskin.
For one thing, she felt hungry; at Sutton her appetite had been keen, and meal-times were always welcome.
Coming alone, and when the children were all safe in bed, Emmeline had a warm welcome.
Those who believe in Christianity ought to rejoice in this open and fair fight; they ought to welcome it as a complete unmasking of the foe.
If Russian army posts in time of peace bear even a remote resemblance to the picture given in Kuprin's powerful novel "In Honour's Name,"** one would think that the soldiers there entombed would heartily rejoice at the outbreak of war-would indeed welcome any catastrophe, provided it released them from such an Inferno.
In a day or two after this, some friends living at a distance and knowing they were poor, took them the welcome surprise of a wagon-load of substantial material for food and other comforts.
I began to undo the package, eager to scan their welcome pages.
Laura obeyed, hastened to Beaufort, seven miles distant, found my home, was made welcome, and her miserable rags exchanged for good clean clothes.
On this brilliant journey the Empress received her share of the enthusiasm of the inhabitants, and in return, at the different receptions which took place, gave a graceful welcome to the authorities of the country.
Her look had wholly altered; she was bright, mirthful, overflowing with affectionate welcome.
When you opened the door, I felt you didn't welcome me.
They were not welcome at the house in Grove Lane; the Miss. Barmbys called several times without being admitted, though they felt sure that Nancy was at home.
Arthur Peachey lived only for his child, the little boy, whose newly prattling tongue made the sole welcome he expected or cared for on his return from a hard day's work.
Some one there seemed to know my name,' said Nancy, whom the warmth and light and cheery welcome encouraged in the step she had taken.
The young man had just finished luncheon, and, all things considered, including the fact that it was a remarkably bright and warm day for the time of year, he might have been expected to welcome Mrs. Damerel cheerfully.
Then the young man spoke gravely: 'You are welcome, mother, to half my income.
Mrs. Damerel, negligently attired, received her with a show of warm welcome, but appeared nervous and out of spirits.
A warlike and exclusive folk, the Kakekikokuans extend a red-hot welcome to the foreigner who ventures within their borders.

Examples of Welcome

Example #1
In his inner being he heard the dreadful challenge of Fate.
Example #2
They go and they come as the feet of the doe in the desert.
Example #3
Yet she shall Sing, when 'tis his turn to howl.
Example #4
For my Part I am resolv'd to mourn in Sack; for now I need not fear her Spies that us'd to be still harkening at the Door; that I cou'd hardly let a Fart, but it was carryed to her straight by one or other.
Example #5
But they may do what they please-I have the right keeper for you in my own hand.
Example #6
I shall learn nothing from the senator's slaves, that I very well know; for you have turned all their heads too-they grin with delight when they see you.