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It teaches us to apply the unerring principles of moral science to every action of our lives, to see that all the motives and results of our conduct shall coincide with the dictates of divine justice, and that all our thoughts, words, and deeds shall harmoniously conspire, like the well-adjusted and rightly-squared joints of an edifice, to produce a smooth, unbroken life of virtue.
Ice upon ice, the well-adjusted parts Were soon conjoined, nor other cement asked Than water interfused to make them one.
The society young lady, watching the scene in sulkiness, notes various faults in each rider and feels that the truly promising pupil of the class is sitting in her chair at that moment; but she says nothing of the kind, contenting herself by asking the master, with well-adjusted carelessness, if it would not be better for the teacher to speak softly.

Examples of Well-adjusted

Example #1
The plumb is a symbol of rectitude of conduct, and inculcates that integrity of life and undeviating course of moral uprightness which can alone distinguish the good and just man.
Example #2
The square is a symbol denoting morality.
Example #3
No sound of hammer or of saw was there.
Example #4
Silently as a dream the fabric rose.
Example #5
Now we will have a little trot, and while you are resting afterward, you shall try the turn again.
Example #6
Your horses' heads should be in line with one another, and then when you arrive at the track and turn to the right again, your distance will be correct.