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This stone was to be hewed and squared, to be fitted and adjusted, by simple, but appropriate implements, until it became a _perfect ashlar_, or well-finished stone, ready to take its destined place in the building.
A FARM-for Sale, Containing 140 acres of Land, situated in the South part of _Groton, (Mass.)_ with a new and well-finished House, Barn, & Out-houses, and Aqueduct, pleasantly situated, where a Tavern has been kept for the last seven years;-a part of the whole will be sold, as best suits the purchaser.
They are well-finished English pistols, and I have no doubt he will prize them.
In Ovid's well-finished elegiacs, Persephone's flower-gathering, the Anthology, reaches its utmost delicacy; but I give the following episode for the sake of its pathetic expression.

Examples of Well-finished

Example #1
Here, then, again, in these materials do we find other elementary symbols.
Example #2
There was, for instance, the _rough ashlar_-the stone in its rude and natural state-unformed and unpolished, as it had been lying in the quarries of Tyre from the foundation of the earth.
Example #3
For further particulars, inquire of THO's B. RAND, of _Charlestown_, or the Subscriber, living on the Premises.
Example #4
Stone's tavern was afterward kept by one Day, and subsequently burned.
Example #5
I will mention, too, that we shall have made our escape at eleven o'clock, and therefore, by the time he receives my letter, we shall be far beyond the reach of pursuit.
Example #6
The next day passed comparatively quietly.