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Previous to my leaving America, a most extensive and well-organised conspiracy was discovered at Charleston, and several of the conspirators were executed.
Should she once come there before he could put to sea, then the barque would be regularly in the trap, and an armed boat or two from the cutter would capture her without any difficulty, indeed, without resistance; for rough, and brutal, and bold, as were the crew of the slaver, they knew very well that it would be idle to resist the well-organised attack of a ship of war, or half-a-dozen armed boats, such as the cutter could set afloat.
A well-organised staff looked after provisioning the cavalry and chariot horses wherever they were quartered.
It is a melancholy fact, but, nevertheless, a fact, despite its melancholy, that, even in a civilised country like this, with a generally well-educated population, nothing but a well-organised physical force keeps down, from the commission of the most outrageous offences, hundreds and thousands of persons.
Through my sword and bow, and through my well-organised campaigns, I was highly esteemed in the mind of the Shēkh, and he loved me, for he knew my bravery, and he set me before his children when he saw the bravery of my arms.
I hope you're sitting on the throne of health, and reclining under the canopy of a well-organised brain.

Examples of Well-organised

Example #1
The whole black population of that town were to have risen on a certain day, and put their oppressors to death.
Example #2
In the Indian tongue, _Meschacebe_-"old father of waters.
Example #3
The capture of the barque would, therefore, be a thing of course, and the only chance her owner had of saving her would be to put to sea at once.
Example #4
If the cruiser was actually coming down the coast-and there could be no doubt but that she was-his only chance would be to get out before she arrived opposite the mouth of the river.
Example #5
The past is a specimen of the future.
Example #6
With regard to this fleeting life, it is a delusion to say 'to-morrow shall be as this day, and much more abundant'; but with regard to the life of the soul that lives in God, that is true, and true for ever.