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Here we may pause for a moment to refer to one of the coincidences between Freemasonry and those _Mysteries_[59] which formed so important a part of the ancient religions, and which coincidences have led the writers on this subject to the formation of a well-supported theory that there was a common connection between them.
It is by the recognition of primitive traits and by connecting with them as they emerge that the guide of boyhood may secure an intelligent and well-supported advance.
To hesitate to adopt a well-supported theory because of some vague preference for a different view is in scientific matters the one unpardonable sin,-a sin which has been only too often committed.

Examples of Well-supported

Example #1
The coincidence to which I at present allude is this: in all these Mysteries-the incipient ceremony of initiation-the first step taken by the candidate was a lustration or purification.
Example #2
In the symbolic alphabet of Freemasonry, therefore, the twenty-four inch gauge is a symbol of time well employed; the common gavel, of the purification of the heart.
Example #3
Such an approach favors a sympathetic understanding of the boy.
Example #4
At the same time the theory is to be used suggestively rather than dogmatically, and the leader of boys will not imagine that to reproduce the primitive life is the goal of his endeavor.
Example #5
Even in matters which lie beyond the range of experience, where evidence is inaccessible, desire is not to be regarded as by itself an adequate basis for belief.
Example #6
The objection is certainly a sound one so far as it relates to scientific questions where evidence is accessible.