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Those who went back with him searched and found in the skull the mark of a pistol ball, and buried in the sand, 'neath the skeleton fingers, was found a Smith & Wesson revolver.
Evidently it was high time to be rid of Mammy Redd. Margaret Wesson, "old Meg," lived in Gloucester until she came to her death by a shot fired at the siege of Louisburg, five hundred miles away, in 1745.
Without any hesitation she ordered one of the old women to pass up to her a mother-o'-pearl ornamented Smith & Wesson, which she promptly hid in her bosom.

Examples of Wesson

Example #1
In the side pocket of his coat his wallet was discovered, with its contents untouched, and among numerous other articles was a letter addressed to Charles Dalton.
Example #2
He immediately ran to Bayton to tell what he had found, and he looked almost half-dead with fright at his discovery.
Example #3
Two soldiers of Gloucester, while before the walls of the French town, were annoyed by a crow, that flew over and around them, cawing harshly and disregarding stones and shot, until it occurred to them that the bird could be no other than old Meg in another form, and, as silver bullets are an esteemed antidote for the evils of witchcraft, they cut two silver buttons from their uniforms and fired them at the crow.
Example #4
So far away as Amesbury the devil's power was shown by the appearance of a man who walked the roads carrying his head under his arm, and by the freak of a windmill that the miller always used to shut up at sundown but that started by itself at midnight.
Example #5
Judging by the sounds he made, that pistol was the apple of Ibrahim's old eye, but he had seen the last of it.
Example #6
Maga Jhaere lost interest in Will for a moment, and pricked her stallion to a place where she could judge the assortment better.