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Under these conditions it cannot be said “what is the necessity for the rays of the sun to descend upon the mirror?”—for the connection which exists between the reality of things, whether they be spiritual or material, requires that when the mirror is clear and faces the sun, the light of the sun must become apparent in it.
Pilate was asked “what is Truth,” but no answer is recorded.
Look here,” Ronny said, “what motivates this Paine fellow?
Tog said mildly, “What better place to look for Tommy Paine, than in a situation like this, Agent Hassan?
But this sect unloosed their tongues in reproach and began to admonish them, saying, “What meanness is this, and what evident treason; that man should, for worldly advantages, personal profit, easy circumstances, or protection of life and property, cast himself into this great detriment and evident loss, and embark in a course of action which will conduce to the greatest abasement and involve the utmost infamy and disgrace both here and hereafter!
Hence this line should be read:— “What mean’st by that? mend me, thou saucy fellow!
Well,” he demanded, striking his hands upon the arms of his chair, “what do you think of it?
He asked the question, “What are perceptions?
To-night I shall read out the article to my wife, children, and Neukomm, as I long ago promised, and to-morrow I will send it to the printer (with a few corrected misprints), and will write to Empson “what I think about it.
Finally he said, “What time is it?
Steve Hackett said, “What inklings, sir?
Larry said softly, “What does the Movement expect to do with all that counterfeit money, LaVerne?
Larry said, so softly as hardly to be heard, “What will that accomplish?
No earthly sword can sever the nuptial knot which the Lord has tied; for, “what God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.
Or when he questions the other reality, “What is the objection to this work if I do it?
At a moderate calculation, without being extravagant, they might be reckoned at between seven and eight hundred thousand. “What a serious matter of consideration, when we reflect that the greatest part of these people, are idlers, cheats, and thieves!
So I no sooner saw your honour at the head of your army, with that handsome young gentleman holding by your stirrup, than I said to my wife, Mistress Hyne, who is from Londonderry, “God bless me,” said I, “what a truly Protestant countenance, what a noble bearing, and what a sweet young gentleman.
I have observed him whilst drinking with our governor, when the old man’s head was turned, look at him with an air which seemed to say, “What a thundering old fool you are”; and at our young ladies, when their backs were turned, with a glance which said distinctly enough, “You precious pair of ninnyhammers”; and then his laugh—he had two kinds of laughs—one which you could hear, and another which you could only see.
Then they said: “What speech is this, oh brother?
And here you shall understand, that our Saviour Christ took occasion to put forth this parable, when there came a young man demanding of him, “What shall I do to come to everlasting life?

Examples of What

Example #1
In the same way, when the elements are arranged and combined in the most glorious system, organization and manner, the human spirit will appear and be manifest in them.
Example #2
That is to say, when these existing elements are gathered together according to the natural order, and with perfect strength, they become a magnet for the spirit, and the spirit will become manifest in them with all its perfections.
Example #3
We are incapable of cognizing truth in the abstract while we live in the phenomenal world, for the inherent nature of matter is illusion and delusion, and we are constantly making allowances and corrections whether we are conscious of the fact or not.
Example #4
Improperly conceived in a diseased mind they become vagaries and delusions, but when gestated in a sound mind and formed into rational thoughts they are the basis of all material, moral and mental progress, and the closer our touch with Chaos, the better will be our Cosmos, for in that realm of abstract realities truth is not obscured by matter, it is self-evident.
Example #5
What’s he get out of all this trouble he stirs up?
Example #6
Blew up trains, that sort of thing.