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What!-will a man play tricks, will he indulge A silly fond conceit of his fair form And just proportion, fashionable mien, And pretty face, in presence of his God?
Come what-will, I should think myself the meanest of men to let that poor creature, whom I ought to have considered as a monomaniac, rot in prison because I, Austin Caxton, wanted common-sense.

Examples of What-will

Example #1
As with the diamond on his lily hand, And play his brilliant parts before my eyes, When I am hungry for the Bread of Life?
Example #2
In man or woman, but far most in man, And most of all in man that ministers And serves the altar, in my soul I loathe All affectation.
Example #3
And [concluded my father, resolutely] he is your mother's brother, Pisistratus.
Example #4
I, who had not knowledge enough of the character of my own brother-in-law to keep myself from ruin!