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How to use whinney in a sentence. Whinney pronunciation.

A rude corral showed dimly in the edge of firelight, and from a black mass within came the snort and stamp and whinney of horses.
Each girl, armed with a rifle, took the position assigned to her, and there was no more conversation for the next two hours, no sound other than that from the insect life and the occasional whinney of a pony.
Every one of the mustangs raised their heads and looked up at the stranger, and one or two gave a faint whinney, as if to inquire the business of such a character with them.
The intelligent creatures showed their training by throwing up their heads the instant the two came in sight, and several gave utterance to whinneys, no doubt with the purpose of apprising their masters of the approach of strangers.

Examples of Whinney

Example #1
Gale took in the scene in one quick glance, then sank down at the foot of the mesquite.
Example #2
This house was a Papago Indian habitation, and a month before had been occupied by a family that had been murdered or driven off by a roving band of outlaws.
Example #3
The minds of the Overlanders, however, were active.
Example #4
Then again, she understood full well that Lieutenant Wingate himself was eager to even up old scores with the men who had handled him so roughly.
Example #5
In addition to the rich pasture, a rivulet of clear, cold water flowed by, within reach of each and all, so that all their wants were supplied in the best manner possible.
Example #6
The place selected by the Indians for their horses could not have been better chosen.