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The composition was infinitely daring; for out of this shadow shone the great black eyes, their diablerie most cunningly insinuated; whilst with a brilliant exclusion of detail-by means of two strokes of the brush steeped in brightest vermilion, and one seemingly haphazard splash of dead white-an evil and abandoned smile was made to greet the spectator.
With the firelight thrown full on the ivory pallor of her face, the effect she produced was almost unreal in its intensity of black and white-an absence of colour which had in it all the warmth and the animation we are used to associate with brilliant hues.
New York.]-This paper proposes, as a remedy for the social and political evils caused by the negro element in our population, the miscegenation of the white and black races, to the end that the black race may be wholly absorbed in the white-an absorption of four millions by thirty-six millions, which he thinks might reasonably be expected in about a century, when the lower type would disappear altogether.

Examples of White-an

Example #1
To the waist, the figure was a study in satin nudity, whence, from a jeweled girdle, light draperies swept downward, covering the feet and swinging, a shimmering curve out into the foreground of the canvas, the curve being cut off in its apogee by the gold frame.
Example #2
Her short hair formed a black smudge upon the canvas, and cast a dense shadow upon her face.
Example #3
A peculiar mellowness of temperament, the expression of a passionate nature confirmed in sympathy, shone in the softened fervour of her look as she bent her eyes thoughtfully upon the flames.
Example #4
Your grandpa has never so much as laid eyes on him sence he gave him that little worn-out place side by side with Sol Peterkin-and told him he'd shoot him if he ever caught sight of him at the Hall.
Example #5
Perhaps the pleasure of being absorbed is not equal to the pleasure of absorbing, and we cannot say how this proposal will commend itself to the victims of the euthanasia.
Example #6
The results of miscegenation on this continent-black with red, and white with black-the results morally, intellectually, and physically, are not such as to make it attractive to the American people.