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How to use white-bordered in a sentence. White-bordered pronunciation.

That day, while it was yet light, and he was digging in a moist white-bordered wash for water, he was brought sharply up by hearing the crack of hard hoofs on stone.
He kept his eyes fixed on the door, and just as he was expecting to see the love-smitten and unhappy Altisidora make her appearance, he saw coming in a most venerable duenna, in a long white-bordered veil that covered and enveloped her from head to foot.
He traced the white-bordered little stream that made the pool in the corral, and when he came to where it oozed out of the sand under the bluff he decided that was not the spring which had made Kayenta famous.

Examples of White-bordered

Example #1
There down the canyon came a man and a burro.
Example #2
What the vast silent world meant to him had always been a mystical thing, which he felt in all its incalculable power, but never understood.
Example #3
Between the fingers of her left hand she held a short lighted candle, while with her right she shaded it to keep the light from her eyes, which were covered by spectacles of great size, and she advanced with noiseless steps, treading very softly.
Example #4
He stood up on the bed wrapped from head to foot in a yellow satin coverlet, with a cap on his head, and his face and his moustaches tied up, his face because of the scratches, and his moustaches to keep them from drooping and falling down, in which trim he looked the most extraordinary scarecrow that could be conceived.
Example #5
Presently down below the trading-post he saw a trough from which burros were drinking.
Example #6
Shefford did not understand himself, but he fought his natural instinctive reluctance to meet obstacles, peril, suffering.