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What I meant to point out was, that there are only twelve of us belonging to the ship on whom we could rely- indeed only eleven, for that matter, as I don't count on Tompkins; a bully like him would be sure to show the white-feather in a scrimmage- while these Greek chaps muster eight strong, all of them pretty biggish men, too, and all armed with them beastly long knives of theirs, which I've no doubt they know how to use.
He declared Ponto, White-feather, Red Jacket and Thomas Paine to be present.
Another peal of laughter followed this allusion to Jones's well-known nickname of White-feather, a nickname earned by many acts of conspicuous cowardice.

Examples of White-feather

Example #1
You can't be serious for a moment!
Example #2
But, Charley, joking aside, I don't like us having all those Greeks here, and we so short-handed too.
Example #3
He also declared that Dr. Koenig had brought with him a Spirit named August.
Example #4
He (the Medium) made convulsive motions, trembled, etc., and while in this state predicted that Mr. Fullerton would receive a very pleasing letter on Saturday next-said that he should come to the Medium for advice.
Example #5
Jones," he continued aloud, "do you deny throwing a snowball just now at Smythe?
Example #6
You told the fellows that you'd lead them.