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Definition of White-livered

  • Having a pale look; feeble; hence, cowardly; pusillanimous; dastardly.

How to use white-livered in a sentence. White-livered pronunciation.

The manner in which Judas grew more white-livered over his victuals, and languished, with his head on one side, as if he had no appetite, defies all description.
By this worthy frock of mine, quoth Friar John, thou hast a mind to slip thy neck out of the collar and absent thyself from the fight, thou white-livered son of a dunghill!
If there's one mean thing I nachally despises as a stunnin' insult, it's being named white-livered; and my Confederate record is jest as good as if I wore three gilt stars on my coat collar.
If she knew what I was doing, she couldn't have asked nothing more, for I reckon she wouldn't expect a man like ME to ask no favors for that white-livered cowardly second-husband of hers.
The President and the whole Republican party," he shouted, "are a lot of hogs who've chawed so much gold their digestion won't work and their brains are torpid; and there's nothing to do but to kick them into this war-the whole greedy, white-livered, Trust-owned, thieving lot of them, including that great immaculate Joss up at the White House with his manners.
They're gen'rally powerful sassy, or else white-livered do-nuthins!
Associated Words: bovine, Bos, moo, low, lowing, farrow, beef, neat, moolley, vachery, chiche-vache, milch. cow, v. overawe, daunt, intimidate, scare, dishearten. coward, n. craven, dastard, poltroon, milksop, recreant. cowardice, n. pusillanimity, poltroonery, dastardy, recreancy, timidity, cowardliness. cowardly, a. craven, pusillanimous, dastard, dastardly, poltroon, recreant, timorous, white-livered, chicken-hearted faint-hearted, spiritless. cowboy, n. cattle herder, drover, herdsman, vaquero.
I've been damning you for a white-livered Austrian up and down the house.

Examples of White-livered

Example #1
Peter was a good, sound, old man, and went in, as the saying is, 'to win;' eating everything that was given him (he got the best: being first in the row) and saying nothing to anybody.
Example #2
The courses appeared in portions, one for each apostle: and these being presented to the Pope, by Cardinals upon their knees, were by him handed to the Thirteen.
Example #3
By the faith of a gentleman, it were better to cry less, and drink more.
Example #4
I am no longer young, I grow old, the weather is dangerous; I may perhaps take an ague, then shall I be foiled, if not quite undone.
Example #5
You might say I was a liar and a thief, and maybe I would take it as a joke; but don't call Bedney Darrington no coward!
Example #6
It bruises my feelins mor'n I'le stand.